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The Enduraplast Edge

Environment Friendly

Fire Retardant

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Cost Effective

Smooth Surface

Water & Moisture Proof

Termite Proof

Easy to Fabricate

Enduraplast Boards

Usage of Enduraplast Boards


About Enduraplast Boards

What is Enduraplast Board ?

It is a futuristic product, which replaces MDF, Plywood, Wood Shaving board, and PolyBoard. While it acts just like wood, it is tougher, lighter and cost effective.

Its essence includes a smooth texture, water and UV resistance and is anti-corrosive. Enduraplast boards are totally environment friendly and recyclable; these boards do not require any kind of deforestation.

It stands extreme temperatures and is self-extinguishing, which makes it a better and safer product.

It acts as both a heat insulator and heat preserver suitable for both summer and winter seasons.

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