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WPC stands for Wood polymer Composite boards and PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride Foam Boards. The main difference between the two being WPC has a certain percentage of wood flour mixed in the material. WPC Boards are necessarily brown in color.
Our Boards are available in a standard size of 8 Feet X 4 Feet. Thickness range is from 5mm – 30mm. Customized sizes are available subject to quality and quantity considerations.
Our standards boards are of .6 kg/m3 density. Which is the normally recommended grade for all type of normal carpentry work? However we can manufacture boards of various densities ranging from .5kg/m3 ~ .8kg/m3.
We recommend our special grade of Adhesive PV-7050 but Fevicol Probond or Heatex can also be used for bonding PVC Boards to Laminates and Veneers. For Bonding PVC Boards to PVC Boards we recommend the use of PVC Solvent Cement.
PVC Foam boards are much more cost effective than plywood for all types of work. Not Only are they cheaper in price compared to branded plywood but require much less labor in fabrication. Moreover keeping their durability in mind they also prove to be much more cost-effective in the long run.
PVC Foam Boards can be used just like ordinary plywood. No special tools or skills are required.
Our manufacturing unit is located in Howrah West Bengal.