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the intelligent replacement of plywood

Enduraplast Boards are PVC foam boards, colloquially known as WPC Boards. Unlike plywood that is formed out of wood Enduraplast boards are made of a polymer called Poly Vinyl Chloride. They are eco-friendly and used as an alternative measure to combat deforestation. It’s a futuristic product, which replaces MDF, Plywood, Wood shaving board, poly board and other aligned boards.

Enduraplast boards are strong, 100% waterproof, fire and UV resistant. It can be painted with ease and is highly durable. Our specially formulated and engineered boards are also used for shuttering applications.

Enduraplast boards are both light and strong at the same time. Being superior in quality, they can be used as a complete replacement of plywood as the manufacturing material for furniture. They can be cut, drilled, sawed, planed etc just like ordinary fabrication boards making it extremely carpenter friendly. They can be designed as per the will of the consumer and can be painted, laminated and veneered.

our Vision

We are enablers and game changers that will slowly and steadily make building material free of woods, sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe in a world that can be improved. And our first step is being part of the change that will upgrade lives

our Mission

To become synonymous with boards used in the interior decoration of your home, while being aesthetically beautiful and functionally viable. It is our mission and endeavor to provide our clients and customers with the best quality products, services, advice, and guidance to help them make the right decisions in their quest for excellence.